At around 53%, South Africa has the one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world.

 This Better Work helps young people from disadvantaged communities make wise decisions about their future, improving their prospects of finding meaningful work.

Young people in disadvantaged communities face tough challenges. These include:

  • no career guidance in high schools - teachers are overworked, with no resources and this would be an extra activity
  • any career information that is delivered is to the whole year group - not tailored around each young person’s skills and abilities and talents
  • limited understanding of the types of jobs available - many young people want to be engineers, not because they have the right skills, but because that is what they have heard about, and what pays well - because the information isn’t available to them, and they don’t have role models in their communities that are employed in more unusual careers
  • few resources in communities to help with career advice - no government problems in local communities and those that do give advice, or they can pay for a CV do it badly

And this is before they even put in a job application.

This Better Work focuses on an individual’s unique skills and abilities, and introduces options to young people that they would not have considered previously. Our focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals helps students key in to strategic areas of global need and funding.

It costs $35 to take one student through our innovative career guidance program with follow-on coaching sessions. Our goal for the 2021 Every People Charity Ride is to raise the funds needed to take 100 students through our process.

With your support we can make a lasting impact on the live of young South Africans and our global future.

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