With Exchange4Free you can pay for your tour either by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by credit card. This is a secure online payment gateway, please click the ‘Pay Now’ button below if you would like to continue.


How it works

If you wish to pay via EFT:

  • This is the most affordable way to pay
  • Simply make a payment in your local currency into a local bank account in your own country, no international banking fees, no commissions
  • Great exchange rates

Steps in making an EFT payment for most countries
1. Press on the PAY NOW button below.
2. Fill out the form with your details. Select ‘EFT’ in the Payment Method line


Use your name in the Payment Reference line


3. You will receive an email from Exchange4Free with their local bank account details.
4. You will then need to log into your bank account and do an EFT into the bank account that Exchange 4 free has provided.
5. Please make sure you use the REFERENCE NUMBER provided by Exchange4Free when making your EFT payment.
6. Once you have made the EFT payment we will be notified.
7. The funds will clear on our side in approximately 2-3 working days.
8. If you have any questions please contact

Pay by Credit card

  • If you wish to pay by credit card there is a 3% surcharge
  • Fill out the form with your details. Select Credit Card in the Payment Method line

If you have any difficulties during the payment process, please feel free to contact Exchange4free directly, they offer various points of contact in a number of countries worldwide. Their telephone numbers are on their website