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you'll love a trip with us

The bikes we own and operate are not the latest and greatest. We don't stay in 5-star accommodation.

But we can offer you an unforgettable adventure riding a motorcycle in Africa.

Whether you're riding easy on Cape Town's coastal roads, or kicking up clouds of dust on Namibian gravel roads under vast skies; you'll be forming friendships and living in a story you'll tell for the rest of your days.

Our Honda Africa Twin 750 bikes are comfortable and fun to ride, supremely reliable and more than capable of anything Africa can throw our way.

We'll listen to your needs and create a customised tour for you. We've been riding these roads in our backyard for years. We've discovered some amazing places and secret spots. We can't wait to share them with you.

I just rode from Victoria Falls to Cape Town with Ride Down South and couldn't be happier. Andrew and Greg aren't just great guides, they're also just really great people -- a joy to ride with and also a joy to hang out with. They ran my 22 day tour without a hitch and made sure we stopped at all the best secret spots. And the bikes we rode for absolutely perfect for the trip. Africa Twin! I'm a fan for life. When I booked this motorcycle trip I wanted the trip of a lifetime. I got it and then some. Wow. What an experience!

Will, San Francisco
Vic Falls to Cape Town - 2019

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Namibia and Victoria Falls 

22-26 day motorcycle adventure riding north from Cape Town to Victoria Falls via the South African west coast, Namibia’s desert landscapes and the Okavango Delta

LENGTH: 4500 km; tar and gravel roads
RIDING LEVEL: Intermediate
NEXT TRIPS: April and July 2020


West Coast and Namibia 

Experience South Africa's west coast and the vast desert landscapes and rich wildlife and culture of Namibia on this 12-14 day motorcycle tour

LENGTH: 2350 km; tar and gravel roads
RIDING LEVEL: Intermediate
NEXT TRIPS: April and July 2020


Zanzibar to Cape Town 

An epic East and Southern African Motorcycle Adventure from Zanzibar to Cape Town via Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, the Kruger National Park and South Africa's East Coast

LENGTH: 35 days, 6800 km
RIDING LEVEL: Intermediate
NEXT TRIP: November 2020


Ride Down South
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