Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to travel in Cape Town and South Africa?
As in most major cities around the world, Cape Town is a safe destination to travel to as long as you take common sense precautions. We have not had a single security incident in our three years of operating around Southern Africa, and as Cape Town locals we are quite happy to have this city as our home.

Here's a helpful article: Travel Advice: Is It Safe to Travel to South Africa?
"The vast majority of crimes in South Africa take place in the poorer neighborhoods of big cities - so staying clear of these areas is an effective way to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. If you're planning on spending time in Johannesburg, Durban, or Cape Town, make sure to choose a guesthouse or hotel in a reputable part of town. a tourist, you can avoid most dangerous situations by simply being aware and making informed choices. Don't let negative media coverage put you off - this is one of the world's most beautiful countries and somewhere that everyone should visit at least once."

I'm nervous about sending money overseas to you - what assurance can you give that it will be safe to do so?
Sending money overseas can be a daunting experience if you're not used to doing so. Ride Down South has partnered with Trust My Travel to ensure your money transfers are done securely and protected. 

All travel bookings processed through our website are financially protected by Trust My Travel. Please click on this logo for more information on financial protection.

Our Motorcycles

Tell me more about your bikes
We run the classic Honda Africa Twin XRV 750. We love this bike because it's safe, fun to ride, capable of riding all the road surfaces we encounter and supremely reliable. Just about every one of our guests leaves a ride as an Africa Twin fan.

All our bikes have been completely rebuilt in the past few years with shocks, wearing engine components, chassis bearings etc overhauled or replaced. For extra peace of mind we bring along a spare bike on a trailer on all our rides into Southern Africa

The Africa Twins look like big bikes, I'm worried they will be too tall for me
We've specially lowered two of our bikes to suit shorter riders. The seat heights on these bikes are about 810mm. We also have a Suzuki V Strom 650cc bike which is quite a bit lower - at 780mm and a good bike for shorter riders.

What licence do I need to ride your bikes?
You need a motorcycle licence for any motorcycle over 125cc. Generally you do not need an International Driver's Licence if your own licence is printed in English but they are easy to get and not a bad idea to bring one.

I'm not sure I can handle the gravel roads on the trip we're doing
On our longer trips to Namibia and Botswana the gravel roads allow us to ride in some incredible spots. On these trips we usually have a support vehicle and trailer, so if necessary, we can load your bike on the trailer and let you ride in the vehicle. However, most riders find the gravel roads quite manageable - and the Africa Twins are lovely bikes to ride on these roads. If you're booked on a trip with gravel roads we highly recommend you take an off-road riding course before you arrive. 

We also stay away from deep sand as much as we can - no-one likes to ride in that stuff.

Can I arrange single supplement accommodation?
Yes you can - just let us know and we'll organise that for you

Where Is Ride Down South Registered?
Ride Down South is a registered company in South Africa (Registration No. K2015293371). You can view our company registration certificate here. Ride Down South is also registered and bonded with South African Tourism Services Association (SATSA). View our SATSA page here

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